Last year, a new public library was dedicated in the small community of Yatesville, Georgia, in rural Upson County.  Having become interested in obtaining a similar library, citizens from Whitesburg attended the dedication ceremony.  The library is, indeed, extremely lovely and wonderfully functional, and those attending were infused with desire to have a similar facility in Whitesburg. Please see pictures on The Rural Library Project’s website at


On August 28th, 2002, a public meeting was held at the Whitesburg Recreation Center to discuss the idea to build a local public library.  As there was strong interest in the community at large, an organizing committee was formed.  This committee reviewed the architectural plan of the Yatesville Public Library and determined that it should be adequate for the Whitesburg library, with little modification.  These plans are available to us free of charge, as part of The Rural Library Project’s involvement.


In an important act of support for Whitesburg and this project, the Carroll County Board of Education in June this year committed the property between Whitesburg Elementary School and City Hall for the location of the future Whitesburg Public Library.


Contacts with area legislators and the director of the West Georgia Regional Library system have provided endorsements and support for this project. 


In order to attract grants, corporate donations and government support, we need to raise as much as possible through private donations.  Thus far, we have received more than $2,800.   The children of Whitesburg Elementary School have shown their enthusiasm through the purchase of special bookmarks and have raised over $300!  Our progress in fund-raising is reflected in the “thermometer” sign erected at the site of the future library.  Jimmy Dillard donated the bookmarks, Robert Reid donated the sign, and books and other services are being contributed from other community members.  Many thanks to all!


The organizing committee has prepared a mailing list of names of potential donors to the library project.  This mailing is viewed not only as an opportunity for people to contribute money (no amount is too small or too large!) and time, but also as a means of getting the word out that the project is revving up.




Many citizens of Whitesburg and the surrounding area find the 10- to 15-mile trip into Carrollton inconvenient, expensive, and for some, impossible.  The new library will provide easy access to any book in the State PINES catalog system, as well as high-speed Internet connections that can be used by our citizens to communicate, search for information or seek employment opportunities.  The light, open atmosphere of the library will be an encouragement to both children and adults to read, study, and learn.  A summer reading program will be in place to provide continuous reading opportunities throughout the year for area children.  The library will also provide a pleasant meeting place for community activities. 




On September 16, 2003, 7:00 p.m. at the Carroll County Administration Building, we will present our project to the Carroll County Board of Commissioners.  We will be asking them to budget a small, yearly amount for the operation of the library once it is built.  Plan to join us for this important presentation. 


With adequate funding in place, bids will be sought for the construction of the library. Consultation and oversight of the construction and equipping phases will be provided free of charge by The Rural Library Project.




Grant proposals are being written to bring in more substantial funding. An area rummage sale to benefit the library is planned for August 30th at Whitesburg Elementary.  To contribute items and to volunteer to help sort, price and sell, call Beverly Dillard at 770-830-7574.  Also, watch for a book sale in October.  


This project needs your participation!  You can


If you want to help, please indicate this on the donor card accompanying this newsletter, or call Whitesburg City Hall at 770-832-1184.