July  2005





The Whitesburg community has been persistently expressing its support of the Whitesburg Public Library project.  Last winter volunteers went door to door to complete a survey that would allow us to compete for a Community Development Block Grant.  R & R Groceries has placed a large barrel in front of the store to collect aluminum for the library.  Unsolicited contributions are dropped City Hall. People continue to bring items to Dee’s Consignment Store in Whitesburg and to Wear Me Again in Carrollton, with commissions going to the library fund. Books continue to be donated to be sold or saved for the library.   The police department instigated the Whitesburg Street Dance to benefit the library, and the community has pitched in with offers of food, paper products, money, items to raffle, and the most precious of all – labor.  (A later edition of this newsletter will specifically credit these kind donations.)  We have had many letters of support for the library from citizens of all ages.   From all of this, it is clear that Whitesburg is becoming increasingly eager to see our library built and children reading in it.




SPLOST funds continue to accumulate.  We are still counting on about $100,000 for the library project from this source. 


With the help of Lisa Nicholas at the Chattahoochee-Flint Regional Development Center, The City of Whitesburg has submitted a Community Development Block Grant application for $313,000 to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.  Should the city receive this grant, our library building will include a community meeting room.  These government grant funds must be used strictly for construction, so other funds collected will be used for equipping and landscaping the facility.  We will hear about this highly competitive grant in August or September. Thank you Lisa, for GREAT job!


Contributions continue to come in from individuals and businesses. As in the past, many of these gifts are being made in honor of or in memory of loved ones. 


Sincerest thanks to the following individuals and foundations for contributions made since the August 2004 newsletter: Jack Baldwin, Joe and Kathy Bucher, Linda Carnes, Hubert and Shannon Carroll,  Gywn Chesnut, Mitt Conerly, Jane Dillard, J.M. Dillard III, Dana, Carla and Mark Edwards, Jean Hudson, Carol Gladney, Patricia Griffin, Will and Pam Land, Thomas H. Lanier Foundation, Edythe Maxwell, Eileen McCawley,  Tom and Tina Musick,  Tommy and Sue Payne, Anne and Fred Richards, DeAnne, Joes and Jeff Richards, Jan Ruskell,  Mitchel and Linda Smith, Blair and Edie Trewhitt, Jimmy and Nina Warren and  Mattie Wilson. And again, thanks for several anonymous donations. 


The following individuals and groups have been honored or remembered through gifts made in their names: Anna Carnes, Bud Hines, Pat Conerly, Ralph Jarrell, The Derrill Maxwell Family, Alyssa and Madison Dillard, Barbara Johnson, Ben Skipper, Jr., Margaret Hines, Milford E.Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Lee Taylor, Ryan, Alyssa and Kyle Knott, Thomas Sills, Charles Beard, Daisy Brantley Trewhitt, Doris Carnes, Floryice Gladney Reeves, James M. Dillard, Jessie Combs Tyree, Jim Hetzel, Louise B. Richards, Berna Wilson Vines, Former Gov. Lester Maddox, The Stone Family, Greg Risse, Blaze Foley, Hunter Porter, Joseph Edwin Gladney, Vivian Bradford Taylor, Reba Taylor, George J. Key, Edna Taylor Key, Milton Z. Key, Lillie Taylor McGuire, Willie J. Taylor, and the students of the Whitesburg Elementary School. 


If you care to make a donation to the library for yourself, your family, or to honor a loved one, forms are available at City Hall to record your wishes.  Contributions of $100 or more will be recognized on donor wall plaques.  Multiple donations made in honor of a single name will be summed together and the honoree’s name will be engraved on the appropriate wall plaque. 


And don’t forget Employer Matching Contributions.  You may be able to double or triple the impact of your individual gift to the library project if your employer has a matching contribution program.  Please check with your human resources department for more information




As we have said before, the Friends of the Whitesburg Public Library is not an exclusive group!  The more the merrier.  Projects for the library are happening spontaneously, and we love it!  If you have an idea and need help to get it going, please join us and let’s get this library built!  For information or to volunteer or to get help with a project please call City Hall at 770-832-1184.






Spear-headed by Mayor Bud Hines and Officer Willis Wade and aided and abetted by Ronda Helton at City Hall, the idea for a Whitesburg Street Dance to benefit the Whitesburg Public Library has really taken off.  A wonderful time is expected by all, with food, music, dance, prizes and trophies.  Neil Bradley of B & B Groceries will be the DJ for “Dances from the Decades”, featuring the music of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  Concession sales will benefit the library fund.  Tell all your friends and come kick up your heels from 7 PM to Midnight at the sports fields’ parking lot. 


Later in the summer and fall, watch for a “Hook a Book” sale and rummage sales.  We’ll need lots of help with these events.


Order your blueberries to benefit the library. At $15 per gallon or $8.00 per half-gallon, they are a bargain.  You can help pick, either just to help or on “halves.”   Contact Margery Bouris through City Hall at 770-832-1184.


Remember to take your aluminum recycling to R & R Grocery!  Help the environment and build our new library at the same time!