The Yatesville Public Library Energy Efficiency Statement

Welcome to our state-of-the-art library serving the City of Yatesville and Upson County .  There are several features of this 2600 square foot facility that we would like library patrons to be aware of.

This library will contain ten thousand volumes on site when fully stocked and has access to five million volumes through the State of Georgia library network.  High-speed Internet access is offered via a T-1 line and six public computer terminals.  The library provides a multimedia program space for community functions, as well as a formal garden for outdoor community functions.

In addition to these services, the library was designed to promote energy conservation using passive solar technology and energy efficient design and construction techniques.  Working together, the architect (Juliana Jaramillo), the contractor (The J. M. Clayton Company of Thomaston), and the building committee were able to design and construct a beautiful and economical building that will use significantly less energy to operate than a conventional library of this size.  To achieve the goal of cost efficiency and energy savings this library features several important design elements:

  1. The building is oriented in a southerly direction to take advantage of passive solar heating during the winter months.

  2. The building’s roof overhang shades the windows during the summer months to prevent overheating.

  3. The building’s window location and unobstructed interior provide good cross ventilation and natural light when needed.

  4. The building’s insulated, scored, and stained concrete floor provides tremendous thermal storage mass to help temper the building’s interior thus reducing the heating and cooling demands. 

  5. The building’s exterior shell is extremely tightly built, lessening outdoor infiltration.

  6. All mechanical ductwork runs through interior chases, rather than the attic, thus lowering the operating costs associated with heating and air conditioning.

  7. The ceiling is insulated with R-30 fiberglass batts.  The wall insulation is R-13 fiberglass.  The windows are double insulated glass.

  8. Ceiling fans lessen the need to use air conditioning on warm days.

  9. Florescent lighting and an abundance of natural light create a wonderful reading environment.

The beauty and comfort of this building is achieved with significantly lower energy usage that will provide cost savings in the years to come.  We hope you enjoy this library.                 

May 2002


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