The numbers below reflect the actual costs to build and equip The Yatesville Library as of August 2002.  
A. Land $10,000 (estimated)*  
B. Design  $2000  
C. Building cost $122,400
D. Paving  cost $3,550
E. Landscaping $1,000
F. Septic system $1,371*
G. Shelving $11,848
H. Furnishings $3,069*
I. Circulation desk $4,792
J. Computers (6) $5,119
K. Books & videos $5,000
L. Computer cabling $1,000*
M. Library equipment $4,000
N. Project management $17,500 (estimated)*
O. Miscellaneous expenses $4,655
P. Garden & Plaza $4,541


Q. Cash reserves $5,826



* Several items on this cost list were donated or acquired at reduced cost thus increasing our cash reserves.  .

Funding Sources

A. Initial challenge gift $25,000  
B. City of Yatesville $10,000  
C. State of Georgia  $76,000 
D. Quad Graphics Inc. $10,000
E. Community Enterprises Inc. $5,000
F. Private Donations  & Interest $60,000
TOTAL RAISED AS OF 7/20/02 $186,000

 Operating costs

Based upon a projected yearly budget developed by Charles Gee, Director of the Pine Mountain Regional Library System, operating costs reflect an initial 20-hour/five-day per week operating schedule for the first year of operation.

A.     Library operations (additional  county funding) $24,000 ** 
B.     Building & Grounds (maintenance, utilities, insurance, cleaning, etc.)   $6,000

The City of Yatesville will be responsible for building maintenance expenses, while Upson County will fund library operation expenses.

**$6,000 has been historically budgeted for library services for eastern Upson Co.


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