The Yatesville Public Library
A Walking Pictorial Tour

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As the citizens of Yatesville approach the Yatesville Public Library, many will remember times in the not so distant past when the town sported its own high school. The library was designed to be a small replica of the school building that educated the youth and was the central hub of so many Yatesville activities. 
Yatesville Library 011.jpg (77991 bytes) In the entry are located several models representing buildings that were important to the economic history of Yatesville. In this case is located scale models of the train station and the old hotel. A picture of the boys basketball team hangs on the wall above the display case.
Yatesville Library 012.jpg (98900 bytes) On the opposite side of the entry is located another case containing scale models of the Grist Mill  from a nearby stream and the Girls College that was located on College Street.
Yatesville Library 013.jpg (71454 bytes) We are proud to display a letter from former President Jimmy Carter commending Yatesville and The Rural Library Project's achievement!
Yatesville Library 007.jpg (105776 bytes) To the right as you enter is our children's book section. The balloons are part of the decorations for the summer reading program. We had over 30 kids attend this summer!
YPL 008.jpg (124246 bytes) This view is from the children's reading area back toward our library staff's desk.
Yatesville Library 001.jpg (95163 bytes) Our adult section is located to the left of the entrance and contains several tables for working on projects or reading.
Yatesville Library 002.jpg (86405 bytes) Does your town suffer from the digital divide? Not this town. We have six new computers that have Internet access through our T-1 connection! If you need help in learning how to use a computer, we offer Computer Basic and Internet Usage classes free of charge!
YPL 007.jpg (98478 bytes) This is the center and heart of our library - the staff's desk where you can check out books, books on tape, movies and more!
Yatesville Library 008.jpg (81353 bytes) For the convenience of the staff, we included a full kitchen. This also comes in handy for serving snacks during meetings and reading programs.
YPL 009.jpg (109628 bytes) Located near the back entrance is our reading area, where you can kick back and enjoy that novel you just found.
Yatesville Library 009.jpg (101770 bytes) Outside the back of the library is the start of our garden. The newest addition is the arbors and swings. Eventually we will have a pavilion where we can feature outdoor concerts and other community events.
Yatesville Library 014.jpg (101760 bytes) Time to relax on a beautiful summer morning.
Yatesville Library 006.jpg (119466 bytes) To commemorate this fine facility, we dedicated this bronze plaque to those whose efforts will benefit Yatesville for generations to come.
YPL.jpg (104039 bytes) With minor modifications made during construction, this is the 2,600 square ft. floor plan for the  energy efficient, passive solar heated, Yatesville Public Library.


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