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Sarah Wynn and Dan White on the Georgia Tech Campus

November Tech Alumni Magazine Article

Dan White, Director of Program Services, oversees The Rural Library Project’s construction and project management services and community organizing outreach.  He has worked over 25 years in the construction field, specializing in affordable, energy-efficient housing.  Drawing on this expertise, he coordinated the efforts to build the Yatesville Public Library and then founded The Rural Library Project to replicate Yatesville’s success in other rural towns.  Mr. White holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a concentration in real estate development.


Sarah Wynn, Director of Administrative Services, is responsible for the administration of The Rural Library Project, Inc. and works in community organizing and fundraising.  Ms. Wynn is a graduate of Georgia Tech with a degree in industrial engineering.  Before joining The Rural Library Project, she worked for over 13 years with The Friendship Force, a non-profit international exchange program.  She has also worked with a small residential design firm in Atlanta and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic

The Rural Library Project

The Rural Library Project, Inc.
585 Harold Ave NE,

Atlanta , GA 30307-1741
Phone: 404-377-5878
Fax: 404-377-5878
Email: danwhite@rurallibraryproject.org

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