The Rural Library Project was first contacted for information and assistance in 2005 by a regional planner and the branch manager of the Quitman County Public Library.  Through changes in city and county governments and regional library systems, we’ve worked to encourage the Unified Government of Georgetown-Quitman County and the Quitman County Library Board in their effort to create new space for their library.


     In 2010, Georgetown-Quitman Co. submitted an application for a USDA Community Facilities loan and grant to build a new library.  The new library will face a primary road, be across the street from a community center and within walking distance of the county schools.


On June 16 ,2010 the Rural Library Project staff participated in
a public planning meeting in Georgetown to begin the design
of the new library.


     The Rural Library Project provided a grant to Georgetown-Quitman County to defray the expenses to develop architectural plans for the new library and to purchase surplus library chairs from the University of West Georgia through the Georgia Department of Administrative Services Surplus Property Division.  This gift was made possible by a grant to The Rural Library Project from the Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation to support our library projects in Georgia.

Dan White and Richard Morris

     “Thanks again for all you have done to get our new library from a dream to reality,” wrote Richard Morris, Chairman of the Georgetown-Quitman County Commission after receiving a grant check from Dan White, co-founder of The Rural Library Project.


     Through The Rural Library Project, Georgetown-Quitman County also received donated library shelving from the Robert W. Woodruff Library of Emory University, saving them thousands of dollars in equipment costs for their new library.

Picking up shelving from Emory University


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