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     Rural Library Project  staff members Sarah Wynn and Dan White made a second site visit to Rosholt Wisconsin on Sept 27, 2010.  Over a one year time period working with the Rosholt Library Group , a grassroots committee of concerned citizens, The RLP has evaluated proposed sites for a new library as well as consulted on capital campaign strategies to create the new facility.  It has been determined that an adaptive re-use of  the old fire station was the location most Rosholt  residents favored  and now plans are being developed to transform this unique structure into a 3000 sq ft library with additional meeting space for village board meetings and other  civic functions.


Donation Press Release


The Rosholt Record 

On Monday, December 13, 2010 the Rosholt Library Project received a wonderful boost, the donation of $50,000 from Ed and Louise Lenz.  This donation has been added to the money already in the renovation fund that was given by the Rosholt Area Community Association and the Portage County Library Foundation.  The fund now totals approximately $78,000.

The Lenzes chose to support the library project because they are happy to see activity stay on Main Street. Louise grew up on Mason Street, within ear- and eye-shot of Main Street, and she fondly recalls the hustle and bustle in town.  At one point her parents even owned a store on Main Street, directly across from the current library.

Their decision to donate to the library project came after the Lenzes had gone for a walk in downtown one day in 2009. The couple came upon the Library Group discussing the possibility of the fire station being renovated and converted into a new library. 

The project excited them.  After discussing what they learned that night, the Lenzes agreed that they wanted to make a donation to the project.  As Louise stated, “We’re blessed.  We’ve had a good life.” The couple knew they could afford to make the donation and wanted to give back to the community that has been part of that good life.

The Lenzes had informed a village official of their intention to donate the money early in 2010, but remained anonymous until last week.  It was the Lenzes strong desire that the library stay on Main Street.  They believe it is a great location since it won’t require school children to cross Highway 66 to go from school to the library.  Louise also stated, “It’s nice to see lights on on Main Street.”

After spending many years going between their home in Wauwatosa and the Omernik family home in Rosholt, the Lenzes downsized this year and sold the Rosholt home.  The donation to the Rosholt project allows the couple to give back to the community while they are still alive.  “It feels good,” they said.  “We get joy out of it.”

The library project continues to develop and a formal capital campaign will be launched this winter.  The Rosholt Library Group has been reviewing the preliminary designs while awaiting the cost estimates.  With renderings and cost projections in hand the community will be invited to view, offer input and contribute to the project.  Stay tuned for details of the next stage of the project. 

For those who wish to donate to the Library Project (especially anyone who would like to make that donation before the end of 2010) can send the money to the Rosholt Library Fund at Community First Bank in Rosholt or Stevens Point.  The donation is tax deductible through the Portage County Library Foundation.

After the holidays a fund will be established with the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin, who will manage the recordkeeping for the Rosholt Library Group.  Donations would then be able to be taken online via the Community Foundations Website

The Rosholt Library Group welcomes anyone who would like to become involved in the project at any point.  Contact Joe Gemza, Kate Zdroik, or Mary Jane Zdroik if you have questions or would like to become involved.


Dear Rosholt Residents,

We celebrate the new year with you even though we are miles apart. Part of our hearts will always have Rosholt in it.  I (Louise) grew up there. My very special parents, Onofrey and Longina Omernik, had a grocery store in town when I was a little girl.

Ah, being a kid in a small town… there’s nothing like it.

After I got married it didn’t take long for my husband to enjoy living in the village.  Most often when Ed walked around the block he ended up talking with someone.  Being brought up in the big city, that doesn’t happen.

We sold the house that we called home this year.  But we are remembering the good times and want to let you know it warms our hearts to give back to my hometown.

Ed and Louise Lenz




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