Located in upstate South Carolina near Clemson University, Six Mile South Carolina is a town of 1000 people that never had a public library. A local citizens’ group in 2009 resolved to create a public library, rented a small store front that was once a country store, and proceeded to acquire books and furnishings to create a small public library.

     Through an internet search, library volunteer Brenda Rippy  discovered the existence of the Rural Library Project and asked if the RLP could help them complete their library project. It was determined that library shelving was a critical need and in partnership with Emory University in Atlanta, the RLP was able to secure over $5000 worth of donated shelving to equip the library in July 2010. In November of that year additional shelving was transported by the RLP to Six Mile to complete their shelving needs.

Sarah Wynn of the RLP and volunteers of the Six Mile Community Library await the delivery of additional library shelving from Emory University delivered by the Rural Library Project


RLP co-founder Sarah Wynn assists Brenda and Deryl  Rippy with the delivery of $5000 worth of library shelving donated by Emory University in Atlanta


Newly installed shelving in the Six Mile Community Library provided by Emory University and the Rural Library Project



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